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Oman is a truly adventurous land with a diversified landscape including mountains, canyons, caves, wadis, deserts, and coastlines. Oman Secrets Programs are adventurous in nature. However, the Adventure Tours Program is comprised of athletic adventures that require a certain level of physical fitness. Oman Secrets helps you choose the right adventure, the right place, and the right time. We have well-trained tour guides who will be with you for any support needed. Our adventures have different activities such as crossing the desert by camel or 4WD vehicle, hiking around the beaches of Masirah Island, canyoning in Oman Grand Canyon or kayaking in some of Oman’s most beautiful wadis.

Types of activities in the Adventure Tours:

-Camel Riding
-Desert Crossing
-Off-Road Driving
-Overnight Camping
-Via Ferrata


Adventure Areas:

Western Hajar Mountains

This is the main mountainous region offering the highest mountain peaks in Oman. In this area, we         focus on the following three locations:

Jabel Shams and Surroundings
  • Jebel Shams (the Sun Mountain) is the highest mountain in Oman, with an altitude of 3009m. The temperatures range between 14 to 24 degrees Celsius in summer to below 0 Celsius in winter, making the area suitable for adventures year-round. The mountain and surrounding area have some of the biggest canyons and wadis. Hiking, canyoning, abseiling, and Via Ferrata are the most common adventurous activities in Jebel Shams and the surrounding area.


Jebal Al Akhdar
  • Jabal Al Akhdar (the Green Mountain) is part of Wilayat Nizwa in the Western It rises to a height of 2,980 m and encompasses the Saiq Plateau at 2,000 m above sea level. Jebel Akhdar is famous for its labyrinth of wadis and terraced orchards, where pomegranates, apricots, and roses grow in abundance due to its mild Mediterranean climate. Jabal Al Akhdar offers a combination of adventure sites, old and new villages, greenery terraced orchards, mild temperatures, and five-star hotels. Adventure activities in the region include hiking Via Ferrata, abseiling, and canyoning.
Snake Canyon
  • It is also known as Snake Gorge wadi Bimah. It is part of the magnificent Wadi Bani Auf in Al It is one of Oman’s largest natural water parks. Journey through the crack between two mountains, where rushing water has cut right through, leaving behind smooth, colorful rocks with plenty of water pools. With its awe-inspiring tall cliffs, impressively narrow paths, and blue pools, Snake Canyon has been one of the most popular destinations for canyoning and adventure lovers in Oman. This canyon has a combination of trekking, abseiling down large cliffs, swimming, and a couple of jumps.



Eastern Hajar Mountains:

The Hajar Mountains are divided into two parts by Wadi Samail. On one side is the Western Hajar, as mentioned above. On the other is the Eastern Hajar which is smaller in area size with lower peaks than the Western Hajar. In this mountain series, we find some of the most amazing adventure sites in Oman. We focus particularly on the area of Salmah Plateau and the surrounding wadis as follows:

– Wadi Tiwi
  • Named after one of the most beautiful Omani villages, Wadi Tiwi is a rocky wadi characterized by farms and plantations along its banks. This wadi is perfect for hiking. If you continue further and decide to visit the other connected Wadi Mibam (and its spectacular village), you need to swim and abseil.
– Wadi Mibam
  • Wadi Mibam is located in the Salmah Plateau and is connected to Wadi Tiwi in the Eastern part of Oman. It is known for its greenery and deep natural pools and has one of the world’s largest caves (Majlis Al Jin). The area provides opportunities for swimming, hiking, jumping, climbing, abseiling, and
– Wadi Shab
  • Wadi Shab is one of the most famous wadis in Oman, with freshwater cascading from mountain tops meeting seawater in a magnificent panoramic This freshwater makes crystal clear blue water pools that


remain year-round, making it one of the best wadis to do kayaking activities as well as swimming and hiking. The wadi also has a  secret waterfall inside a cave that is a must to explore.


– Umq Be’er
  • This spectacular canyon has it all; swimming, hiking, jumping, climbing, and abseiling! It is located in Eastern Oman with some famous wadis such as Wadi Tiwi, Wadi Shab, and Wadi Mibam. The area boasts some beautiful villages such as Tiwi and Qalhat. Swimming is required to cross 80% of the canyon. In addition, parts of the canyon require jumping from heights of 3- 4 meters into deep The adventure in Umq Be’er starts when you reach the entrance to the canyon. You will swim through a sequence of pools and continue hiking through the canyon until you reach the cave, which marks approximately halfway. Then you will abseil and continue following the canyon, which leads you to its exit at Wadi Mibam Village.
– Wadi Ta’ab
  • Wadi Ta’ab is 160 Km from Muscat and is situated in the Eastern Hajar Mountain region at the Salmah Plateau. The beauty of Wadi Taab can be seen in the geological formations, the picturesque scenery, and in the waterfalls. It also has a beautiful little heritage village. There are four abseils in Ta’ab ranging from heights of 45 to 100 meters. The longest stretch of swimming in this canyon is 160meters. The last part of this canyon is a steep 350-meter ascent. There will be some jumping into the water from heights of 3 meters. As it is a part of the Salmah Plateau, Wadi Ta’ab offers perfect opportunities for swimming, hiking, jumping, climbing, abseiling, and caving.
– Wadi Bani Khalid and Wadi Hawir
  • These two connected wadis are located in Wilayat Wadi Bani Khaild, more than 200 kilometers from Muscat. They are characterized by wide, turquoise, and blue pools, lush date plantations, and interesting topographical features making these two wadis true gems locked away in the mountains. Furthermore, this area is close to Alsharqiyah/Wahiba sands which create a perfect combination for those who love to combine mountain and wadi adventures with desert adventures.
– Alsharqiyah/ Wahiba Sands
  • Alsharqiyah/ Wahiba Sands, located less than 200 Km from Muscat, is Oman’s most popular desert tourist destination. It has various tourist accommodations, diverse terrain, flora and fauna, 16,000 invertebrates, and 200 other wildlife species. The area is located in the Eastern part of Oman and is defined by a boundary of 180 kilometers north to south and 80 kilometers east to west, with 12,500 square

kilometers. Our adventures here include driving in endless dunes, riding camels, climbing the sandy dunes, and sleeping under an open sky with an infinite number of stars. However, the most attractive adventure is crossing the desert from the

north to the south, where the golden dunes meet the blue ocean water.


– Empty Quarter Sands

Oman’s Empty Quarter is precisely what its name suggests. It has miles upon miles of empty desert terrain and is the world’s largest sand desert. Known locally as “Rub’ al Khali,” the 250,000-square-mile area covers four countries, including Oman, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, and Yemen. Although most of the desert is located in Saudi Arabia, a significant portion overlaps with Oman. It has seemingly never-ending ripples of sand dunes, including the Ramlat Jadilah desert, one of the world’s highest sand dunes. Transport in the Empty Quarter is either by 4×4 or camel. You can travel further and see more by four-wheel drive. Driving through the dunes is an exhilarating experience indeed. On the other hand, riding a camel takes you back through history, traveling as ancient explorers once would have. Our adventures here include driving in the endless dunes, riding camels, climbing the sandy dunes, and sleeping under an open sky with an infinite number of stars.


Prices vary according to the type of accommodation, the type and number of vehicles; the number of people; the length of stay; and the type of activities and services. So, kindly Contact Us to discuss your needs and requirements. We can also make recommendations and will subsequently give you the appropriate quotation.

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This is a specialized tour program that is built around the needs and requirements of the client. Therefore, the itinerary will be created based on the discussion between the client and OS. You can focus on one type of adventurous activity or choose multiple activities. You can complete your adventure in one place and spend the rest of the days exploring other cultural and sightseeing activities. Our recommendation is to enjoy one of the wadis or mountain adventures combined with the desert adventure. In all cases, please Contact Us to create your own tour itinerary.


  • Visa Application Processing
  • Meet and Greet at Airports
  • English (or other languages) Speaking Drivers and Tour Guides
  • Professional Trainers or Lecturers (if requested)
  • Transportation for Tours and Programs
  • Accommodation in Agreed Hotels and Camps for Selected Nights
  • Meals During Tours or Programs
  • Sightseeing, Tourist, and Cultural Programs.
  • Education Program, Workshops and Training Activities (if requested)
  • Official Permits and Approvals (if requested)
  • Equipment and Technical Support (if requested)
  • Other Logistics (if required)
  • Other Services and Activities Agreed by OS and Clients.

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