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Some defines cultural tourism as the type of tourist activity in which the visitor’s essential motivation is to learn, discover, experience and consume the tangible and intangible cultural attractions/products in a tourism destination. These attractions/products relate to a set of distinctive material, intellectual, spiritual and emotional features of a society that encompasses arts and architecture, historical and cultural heritage, culinary heritage, literature, music, creative industries and the living cultures with their lifestyles, value systems, beliefs and traditions. Others see cultural tourism as travelers look for an “authentic experience,” of a community which has its own special attributes that set it apart from others.  Another definition considers cultural tourism as a type of tourism that allows the tourist to participate in local cultural activities, like festivals and rituals. As a result, the tourist can enjoy a genuine cultural exchange with the locals. Furthermore, cultural tourism is seen as the act of travelers visiting particular destinations in order to experience and learn about a particular culture. This can include many activities such as; attending events and festivals, visiting museums and tasting the local food and drinks.

Regardless of which definition you think is the one reflects your understanding and expectations of a cultural tourism; all you will find it in our packages and activities we offer in OS cultural tours. Oman offers endless list of cultural choices from its world heritage sites, old villages, unique and diversified local traditions and ways of life, cousins, music and folklore, literature and arts, and costumes.


Prices vary according to the type of accommodation, the type and number of vehicles, the number of people, the length of stay, and the type of activities and services. So, kindly Contact Us to discuss your needs and requirements. We can also make recommendations and will subsequently give you the appropriate quotation.


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This is a specialized tour that is built around the needs and the requirements of the client. Therefore, the itinerary will be created based on the discussion between the client and OS. Please Contact Us to create your own tour itinerary.

However, we suggest four tracks for the lovers of cultural tours:
1) Old Civic Culture.
This track is designed for those who love old civic culture with agricultural villages in the plains and the mountains. You will start your tour by visiting some museums in Muscat before heading to Aldakhiliyah (Interior) Region with cities and towns such as Nizwa, Bahla, and Alhamra. In this track, you will visit some of Oman’s famous forts like Nizawa, Bahla, and Alhazam. You will also shop in traditional markets like the Nizaw Souq. Other activities include visiting traditional factories like Halwa, enjoying the Oman irrigation system (Aflaj), visiting traditional farms, experiencing the mountain village lifestyles, having fun with traditional music and dance, staying in old “renovated” houses or with Omani families, and last but not least, tasting the authentic Omani cuisine of the region. You will even have a chance to learn how to cook some of these cousins.
2) The Bedouin Culture.
This track is designed for those who love and want to experience the desert and oasis culture. Part of this track will have a coastal culture, and you will also visit some old villages on your way to the desert. You will start your tour by visiting some museums in Muscat before heading to Alsharqiyah.
(Eastern) Region. In Alsharqiyah, you will start your tour by visiting Almudharib to see its old village, old Souq, farms, and irrigation system. You will experience first-hand the intersection between the old and current lifestyles. Then you will head toward Bediyah, the gate to Alsharqiyah/Wahiba Sands. In Bediyah, you will experience the oasis culture and lifestyles before heading deep into the desert to live the real Bedouin experience. Some of the activities in this experience include staying in tents or sleeping in the sands facing an open sky (you still have the option of staying in hotel-type desert camps), riding camels, eating Bedouin cuisine, including camel meat. You can also join Bedouins in their daily life activities. If you decide to live this experience, you have the choice of 1) continuing the tour by crossing the sands or taking the paved road to the coast where you will experience the coastal culture or 2) ending the experience and return back to the city life.
3) The Modern Omani Culture.
In this track, you can stay with an Omani family in Muscat or another town. You will experience the current Omani culture by participating in daily family life activities (when available) such as cooking, picnics, shopping, and other outdoor activities. You will also learn some of the cultural traditions, such as dressing in traditional Omani costumes.
4) You Can Combine all these Tracks.
Just tell us about your preferences, and we will complete the necessary arrangements.


  • Visa application processing
  • Meet and greet at airports
  • English (or other languages when required) speaking drivers and guides during the tours
  • Transportation during the tours and the programs
  • Accommodation in the agreed hotels, camps, or staying with local families for selected nights.
  • Meals during the tour or the programs.
  • Sightseeing, tourist, and cultural programs.
  • Education program, workshops and training activities if applicable
  • Official permits and approvals if applicable
  • Equipment and technical support if applicable
  • Other logistics if required
  • Other services and activities agreed by OS and the clients.

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