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Explore Oman coast

Oman coast


10 days 9 nights

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This program is designed for lovers of coastal tours, particularly the adventurous ones.  Oman’s coastline stretches for a total distance of 3,165 kilometers. Most of this coastline sports pristine, stunning, and secluded beaches, including beaches overlooking the Sea of Oman, the Arabian Sea, and the Straits of Hormuz in the North. The coastal strip landscape varies from sandy beaches, rocky coasts, sand dunes, coral reef bays, and islands and lagoons. The diverse geographical make-up is ideal for fishing and marine excursions and activities. Our program will start at Muscat and end in the last part of Oman’s southern coast. The program will include swimming, fishing, sand-driving, snorkeling, overnight camping, or simply relaxing on the sunny beach. We will use 4WD vehicles for most of the program and drive near the beach. Boats or ferries will be used when visiting Masirah Island or the Alhalaniyat Islands. This tour is designed to explore the coast by land with 4WD vehicles. However, we have the option of exploring Oman’s coast via a private yacht. The optimal time for this program is nine days, but we are flexible according to the client’s requirements.

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Day 1:
Leave Muscat in the morning for a stop at the Bemah sinkhole (swimming in the sinkhole lake is possible) and the long white Beach of Fins. On the way, you will visit Tiwi and Wadi Shab. This wadi is an enormous canyon gorge lined with palm trees and impressive indications of the power of the water coming from the mountains can do for nature. Next, we arrive at Sur, where you will have a tour followed by overnight at the Ras Al Jinz Turtle Resort or the Ras Al Hadd Beach Holiday, where you have a good chance of seeing Oman's great sea turtles stumbling onto the beach to build a nest and lay eggs. If you are lucky, you will see baby turtles hatching from the nests.
Day 2:
Leave Ras Aljinz in the morning to explore the beautiful coastline villages of Jalan, where the golden sand dunes merge with the blue water of the Arabian Sea. You will have a local seafood lunch in Ras Alruwais before heading to Masirah Island to spend the night there. Masirah Island is the biggest Omani Island with magnificent beaches. Masirah (65 KMs long and 8 to 17 KM wide) is located 15 KM off the southeast coast of Oman in the Arabian Peninsula with miles of isolated sandy beaches. The island is famous for windsurfing. It is also known to have some aquatic visitors, such as the turtles who lay their eggs on the sandy beaches and several migratory birds. Some of the birds are exotic such as the egrets, curlews, and the greater flamingos.
Day 3:
Leave Masirah on route to Duqum. On the way to Duqum, you will visit the green Film Island, the Serab beach, and have lunch in the coastal village of Kholoof. In Duqum, you will spend two nights at the Crown Plaza Resort.
Day 4:
On this day, you will explore the long beaches of the Duqum area, including the magic Ras Al Duqum, Ras Madrakah, and Ras Marakaz. You will also visit the Rock Gardens and relax at Crown Plaza Resort for a second night.
Day 5 & 6:
These days feature camping in Sharbathat, fishing activities, beach activities, and enjoying the virgin beaches of Manji and Alshuiymeyah. The following morning, we will sail to Al Hallaniyat Islands to explore its amazing marine life. Al Hallaniyat Islands are home to many dolphins, whales, coral, and other marine life. There are also several wrecks in the area, including the famous Vasco Da Gama wreck, the Esmerelda.
Day 7:
The drive from Sharbathat to Salalah. It might be a long drive as the distance is around 300 KM. However, you will enjoy one of the most beautiful roads in Oman, where high mountains hug the blue ocean and visit the towns of Sadah and Mirbat. Mirbat is a fishing town some 75 kilometers East of Salalah. It is a charming coastal town situated between the extraordinary escarpment of Jebel Samhan and the Arabian Sea.
With some stops to take photos or just relax, we expect to arrive at Salalah around 4 pm to spend the first night there. The choice of accommodations ranges from luxurious resorts to 5, 4, or 3 star- hotels. Salalah, the capital of the south of Oman, is known as the "perfume capital of Arabia" and "the attar capital of Oman." The city is a tourist destination due to the natural attractions of the nearby mountains and the magnificent frankincense trees lining mountain wadi courses. The countryside is green in summer due to the monsoon season with herds of cattle there. The beautiful beaches and coastline are also major attractions for scuba diving and bird watching. Salalah is a city of antiquity, containing ruins of the fortified town Sumharam (Khor Rori), an important port from 100 BC to AD 400.
Day 8:
We will continue exploring the Oman coast up to Yemen’s coastal borders. We will see some magical blowholes, caves, and secluded beaches at Al Maghsil, Rakhyout, and Dhalkot. This area is referred to as the West of Dhofar. To reach these beaches, the road will take us between some of the tall mountains. After enjoying a day in the West of Dhofar, we will return to the hotel in Salalah.
Day 9:
This day will be spent watching a different type of “wave.” It is the day of the Sands dunes of the Empty Quarter. We will drive from Salalah to Ramlat (sands) Alhishman to camp there. On the way to Ramlat Alhishman, we stop to see the ancient town of Ubar. Then, you will enjoy traditional songs and dance, ride camels, and climb or ski the sand dunes. In the evening, we will head back to Salalah.
Day 10:
Fly back from Salalah to Muscat


  • Meet and Greet Service at Airports
  • English (or other languages) Speaking Drivers and Tour Guides
  • All Transfers by Selected Vehicles
  • Accommodation in Hotels and Camps for Selected Nights
  • Daily Breakfast (the type of breakfast varies based on the selected hotels and camps)
  • Water On Board Roundtrip
  • All Sightseeing Mentioned in the Itinerary
  • Entry Fees to all Sites as Mentioned in the Itinerary
  • Meals and Picnic Lunch as Mentioned in the Itinerary
  • All Service Charges and Taxes for Services and Activities Mentioned in the Itinerary

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Oman coast


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