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This program is designed for those who want to discover the most of what Oman offers in 10 days. It focuses on moving around different regions of Oman. It is a bit hectic but deserves a try. It provides a complete panorama vision of Oman. You will see diverse landscapes, including virgin beaches, golden sand dunes, colorful mountains, rocky canyons, green plains, breathtaking fjords, and massive caves. This tour will cover various local cultures within Oman as well as different heritage sites. Travel will be by 4WD vehicles and by airplane.


Day 1:
Arrive at the hotel in Muscat
Day 2:
Leave Muscat to Sur. On the way, you will stop at the Bemnah sinkhole and visit Wadi Tiwi and Wadi Shab:
Bimah Sinkhole: If you are not familiar with the term sinkhole, you might be misled by the Arabic name of the place and the local legend, which says that the hole was formed due to a meteor falling in this spot. However, the Bimmah Sinkhole occurred naturally due to limestone erosion and the collapse of the rocks that formed what you see. The sinkhole is connected to the sea through an underground tunnel, which may explain the unique color of the water.
Wadi Tiwi: Numerous farms and plantations dot the wadi with a stunning pool deep inside near Mibam village. Wadi Tiwi, named after Tiwi village at the coast, is a truly beautiful wadi with the lush plantations giving it a different (certainly greener) feel than many other wadis.
Wadi Shab: The main attraction of the wadi is the waterfall in the cave, which you can reach after a roughly 40-minute hike. There is also swimming in 2-3 pools.
The Sur Tour: You arrive at Sur in the afternoon. Sur is a city that has played a prominent and distinguished role in maritime commercial activity across the Indian Ocean, the Arabian Sea, and the Sea of Oman. In addition, it has formed a business and cultural bridge between the Arabian Peninsula, India, Southeast Asia, and Africa.
Ras Al Jinz: After touring Sur, we go to Ras Al Jinz around 4 Km away. We will spend the night in the Ras Al Jinz Turtle Resort or Ras Al Hadd Beach Holiday, where you can have a good chance of seeing Oman's great sea turtles stumbling onto the beach to build a nest and lay their eggs. If you are lucky, you can even see baby turtles hatching from the nests.
Day 3:
Wahiba Sands: We leave Ras Alhad en route to Wahiba Sands. On the way, you will have a stop at Wadi Bani Khalid,where you can swim and enjoy the beauty of fresh spring water. Around 2 pm, you will arrive at the camp in Wahiba Sands. You will rest, have lunch and then spend the night in the desert. This remarkable experience begins with a golden sunset, continues with a densely-starred sky, and concludes with the soft light of a desert dawn.
Day 4:
Aldakhlyiah Region. You will leave the desert and Bedouin lifestyle to enjoy the mountainous cities and villages in the Aldakhlyiah region. You will arrive first at Nizwa, the old capital of Oman. Here you can visit the Nizwa Souq, Nizwa Fortress (The fort is a museum today and offers splendid views of this ancient town), and walk around the villages and surrounding mountains. You will spend the night at the Nizwa Golden Tulip Hotel.
Day 5:
Alhamra: You will start by visiting Alhamra’s old town and then head to Misfat Al Abriyeen, which is one of the most beautiful traditional Omani villages. The picturesque Misfah Al Abriyeen is the perfect place to experience traditional Omani life. Walking along the falaj will make you feel like you just stepped out of a time machine. Next, you will go to Jabal Shams. Before heading up to the mountain, you will have a short trip to Oman Grand Canyon in Wadi Alnakhar, where you experience the magnificence of the canyon on the ground and from the top of the mountain. We expect to arrive at the mountain around 2 pm, check into Jabal Shams Resort ( or Sama Resort), and have lunch. Then the tour begins around the summits of Jabal Shams, Jabal Almarat, and Jabal Alsurat, where you will see one of the greatest grand canyons in Arabia. Options for hiking or cycling are also available. At the end of this busy day, you will stay overnight in Jabal Shams.
Day 6:
Bahla Fort and Wall. The tour leaves the mountain and heads toward Bahla, where you will visit Bahla Fort and Wall, a world heritage site. After Bahla Fort, we will visit Jabreen Castle. Lonely Planet describes this castle as “Rising without competition from the surrounding plain, Jabreen Castle is an impressive sight. Even if you have had a surfeit of fortifications, it's worth making the effort to clamber over one more set of battlements – Jabreen is one of the best-preserved and whimsical castles of them all. Head for the flagpole for a bird's-eye view of the latticed-window courtyard at the heart of the keep; the rooms here have distinctive painted ceilings." After Jabreen, we will go to Manah (a traditional Oman village). After walking around the village and having lunch, we will drive to Muscat to spend the night.
Day 7:
Nakhal: After leaving Muscat in the morning, we head to Nakhal, where you will visit the old fort housing a museum with exhibits of historical guns and other artifacts. You will also have time to see Nakhal’s famous spring. After Nakhal, you spend the rest of the day moving between the amazing villages and attractions of Wadi Mistel, Wadi Bani Kharous, and Wadi Bani Auf, including the famous mountain villages of Wakan and Aleyah. You then head back to Muscat in the evening to rest and spend the night.
Day 8:
Salalah: There is a morning flight to Salalah and a free day to explore the City of Salalah and do some shopping. Salalah, the capital of the south of Oman, is known as the "perfume capital of Arabia" and "the attar capital of Oman." The city is a tourism destination due to the natural attractions of the nearby mountains and the magnificent frankincense trees lining mountain wadi courses. The countryside is green in summer owing to the monsoon season. The beautiful beaches and coastline are also major attractions for scuba diving and bird watching. Salalah is a city of antiquity, containing ruins of the fortified town Sumharam (Khor Rori), an important port from 100 BC to AD 400.
Day 9:
West Salalah to Yemen. We will continue exploring Oman from west Salalah up to Yemen's coastal borders. We will see some magical blowholes, caves, and secluded beaches at Al Maghsil, Rakhyout, and Dhalkot. After enjoying a day in the West of Dhofar, we will return to the hotel in Salalah.
Day 10:
Muscat. You will fly back to Muscat. If time permits, we encourage you to spend two more days and enjoy Musandam (The Norway of the East). Check the Explore Musandam Program for more details.


  • Meet and Greet Service at Airports
  • English (or other languages) Speaking Drivers and Tour Guides
  • All Transfers by Selected Vehicles
  • Accommodation in Hotels and Camps for Selected Nights
  • Daily Breakfast (the type of breakfast varies based on the selected hotels and camps)
  • Water On Board Roundtrip
  • All Sightseeing Mentioned in the Itinerary
  • Entry Fees to all Sites as Mentioned in the Itinerary
  • Meals and Picnic Lunch as Mentioned in the Itinerary
  • All Service Charges and Taxes for Services and Activities Mentioned in the Itinerary

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